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All Pictures on this site have been taken using a Fuji Finepix 2600zoom camera.  The most recent revision of this camera is the finepix 2650 which adds a web cam option but retains all the functionality of hte 2600.  I find the camera takes excellent pictures for it's price point.  It uses 2 AA bateries and comes with 2 NiMH batteries and a small charger for them.  It has 3X optical zoom which really makes a difference in your pictures since all the digital zoom does is takes a normal picture and blows up the center of it.  The optical actually zooms in closer which gives you finer detail.  The Macro mode on this camera is exceptional, allowing for finely detailed closeups.  Especially nice for the Slot enthusiast.
Aurora Tjets, Vibes and other Pre AFX slots JL Slot cars  "I'm Dreaming of a White (Lightning) Christmas"
AFX and newer Tycopro
Items 4 Sale Item Link for Camera Used to take these pictures.  The Camera is available at