This page is dedicated to Johnny Lightning cars that fit Aurora Tjets and AFX/Gplus chassis.  This is by no means meant to be a definitive library but rather cars that I have or have had over time.  I will eventually be adding a Customized section when I finally find the time to do some.  The size of the images are suitable for desktop screen backgrounds.  All images are copyrighted by Bob Mauge and may only be used for personal use and enjoyment.

Each Thumbnail will open a new window so that you can see more of the image.  I originally had the image open within the frames but then your field of view was severely diminished by the left, top and bottom frames. In my test, I did not close the window after the first image opened it.  I toggled back to the window running Crimsonbard and clicked on a different thumbnail and it displayed the image in the original window that was opened by the first thumbnail.

JL White Lightning Dodge Charger JL White Lightning GTO
JL White Lightning Chevelle  
JL Cinnamon Rel. 3 Camaro on JL push chassis with Thunderjets wheels JL Cinnamon Rel. 3 Camaro
JL Gold Rel. 3 Chevelle JL Gold Rel. 3 Chevelle
JL Corvette Gran Sport JL Dodge Daytona
JL AFX Style cars  
JL Corvette