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What Do I have To Do Wither Blister Burn & Peel Stabbing Westward
Great angst filled grunge sound with heavy riffs.
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Lourense was truly impressed. “It is very basic but allows us to communicate simple things like directions and danger.  I am somewhat surprised that you were able to feel it, only those with the ability can feel magic.  Have you ever been tested?”  Lourense, for the first time in his life felt somewhat ashamed and inferior when he thought about what that question implied.  “No I haven’t.  The people of my village were poor and primarily farmers who viewed the arts as unnecessary.  The fact that it is very expensive to attend school made it impossible for it to ever become a reality.” Keldrid nodded in understanding but had a suggestion that he hoped Lourense would agree to.  “There is another way for one to get schooled in the arts, it is through an apprenticeship.”  Keldrid continued, “I should take on an apprentice to continue to develop my own skills but did not want to bother finding someone who had the ability as well as the right combination of will, desire and personality. If the will and desire are not present, it will be a waste of time and as for personality, a master and apprentice need to be of similar mind since they will be spending much time together.” Keldrid continued, “There are relatively few masters of the arts because it takes great conviction and sacrifice to perfect the art well enough to advance to the extremely difficult spells or even craft your own.” Keldrid looked Lourense straight in the eyes and asked, “Would you be interested?”  Lourense was surprised by his offer yet thrilled with the prospect.  For many years he had dreamed of being a rogue adventurer just like in legend and now through unfortunate circumstances he stood on the brink of that dream.  His head began to spin with a host of conflicting thoughts, glee, guilt, revenge and renewal.  He had an unbelievable opportunity to learn sorcery and follow adventure but also wanted to avenge his family and his people.  It didn’t take long for him to realize that it actually made more sense to pursue the training since he had no real ability to exact his revenge.  He also no longer had any earthly ties that would preclude his acceptance.  



Song Of The Day
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A Tout Le Monde Youthanasia Megadeth
Sad News for Megadeth Fans.  While looking up the meaning to the French Phrase on Megadeth.com I discovered that early this year Dave had a fall that disabled his left arm.  It may not recover and in the meantime he is departing Megadeth.

This song in particular strikes a chord with me since it mirrors my own feelings about life.  After many years of struggle trying to achieve the goals you set, you're on deaths door and realize how little you really accomplished.  The French Phrase "A tout le monde, a tous mes amis, Je vous aime, Je dois partir." is a poignant goodbye and translates to "To all the world, to all my friends, I love you, I have to leave"

I miss you, Mom, Dad and Gram.

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Page 7   In today's passage, Lourense has an opportunity to achieve his goals, will he relate to today's song, "A Tout Le Monde", at the end of his days?

“Well,” said Lourense, “Why do you think that I would make a good apprentice?  Keldrid understood the boy’s response since he himself had felt almost the same way when it was suggested that he become an apprentice.  Keldrid spoke with assuring confidence, “You have just proven that you have arcane ability, your demeanor exudes determination and courage but you are humble.” Seeing that Lourense still did not see how that fit, Keldrid added, “It is your humility that strikes me the most since I came from humble beginnings as well.  Remember, I told you that my father was a chef.  He worked for a number of very rich and very powerful men, yet while we were rich by your standards, we were nothing more than servants to them.” Keldrid continued, “Most apprentices are from very rich families and many act like it is their right to be schooled in the arcane arts.  They equate their status with greatness and assume that everything they do will follow suit.  Unfortunately because of that attitude, they never put forth the real effort that is required to actually achieve the ability they expect.”  Keldrid concluded, “I feel that you will put forth the effort required to make my time worth while.”   


Lourense began to feel better about himself and let down his guard a bit. “I have never thought of my self as anything but a farmer; however, I do have to admit to enjoying the fantasy of adventure and magic.  I said that I too was searching for something and I think that I have found part of it much sooner than I had dreamed.   I accept your offer and hope that I live up to your expectations.”  Keldrid was pleased, he did not really expect Lourense to decline but there was always the possibility since the boy was very sharp and justifiably suspicious.  “Good”, he said, “we will get started in the morning, now get some sleep.  The protection spell will keep us safe and Kriszgarn will continue to keep watch.”  Lourense would continue to have difficulty sleeping but for different reasons this time.  He eventually drifted off to sleep and dreamed of Dragons.



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