Crimson Bard is a free e-book site built on the foundation of PASSION and eclecticism.  Passion for the myriads of things our world has to offer.  I am not nor do I claim to be a bard.  I am an individual with very eclectic tastes and interests.  I did some research before choosing the name for my site and discovered the detailed and varied history of bards, minstrels, troubadours and the like. The professions have changed over the years as did the  prestige depending on the time or place in history.  Please see my links section for some of the sites that I have found regarding bards if you are interested in learning more. 

I chose the name Crimsonbard for 2 reasons:

1: Crimson is the color of blood.  Blood represents life itself and is often referred to in literature and song to denote passion. 

2: Bard is generally considered to be a story teller and minstrel.  I have built Crimsonbard around my novel (story telling, fantasy genre) and will post a page per day while at the same time, visitors will be serenaded with the song of the day (minstrel).  I have an extensive and eclectic collection of music and decided to add a different song to my site per day to enhance the readers experience.  I hope this will expose you to enjoyable music that you would not have discovered otherwise.  I realize that you will encounter music during the course of the year that does not please your palette.  For that, the remedy is the VOLUME control on your speakers; however, I ask that you give each song a fair chance they may just grow on you.


About the Author:
My name is Bob Mauge.  I am 40 years old and happily married to Grace (my best friend) and we have twin boys, Bobby and Richie.  My only sibling is my younger sister Sandy Wilmsen, a dedicated and hard working girl who takes such good care of her boys and family.  I owe so much to my parents which I will never be able to repay since they died of unrelated illnesses one month apart 13 years ago.  There is one other significant family member who helped make me who I am today, she is my Grandmother Josephine Nutow.  My family instilled in me kindness, happiness, self worth and confidence.  They also put up with my fanciful ideas even though they did not agree with them.  Do you have anyone that you are responsible for or that you have some influence over?  If you do, please offer encouragement and support. While it may seem insignificant, it can have a profound effect on the recipient.

My father had artistic talent that he never pursued but it revealed itself in his approach to solving problems.  He was a machinist by trade and did most of the repairs on our house and cars.  I was always there with him whether I liked it or not and am grateful for this as an adult.  I learned the art of creative thinking which I have applied to my home renovation projects, career as an IT Network Administrator, and dealings with my children.  My mother was a good practical woman who taught me the value of money and how to manage it.  My impractical and fanciful ideas caused her the most grief as she was always afraid that I would be devastated when my ideas fell through.  I have had many ideas go unrealized for many reasons.  Some were just not practical or I did not have the resources (money) to see them through, while others were accomplished but met with little success.  Most of this happened after my parents death and I am still functioning.  Ihave so many ideas that I just move on to the next when one fails.  I wish my parents could see what I HAVE been able to accomplish.